Service outage: Brentford

By | 02:23 03 October 2021

We are currently investigating an outage affecting the following locations:

Harlequin Avenue (lwisl28)
Clock Tower Industrial Estate (lwisl52)
Amalgamated Drive (lwisl53)
Victory Business Centre (lwisl61)

What do you need to know?
We are currently investigating this cause of the outage. Further updates will be provided in due course.

6 updates on “Service outage: Brentford

  1. Ashton Howells Post author

    An engineer has attended and found the street cab has flooded causing the power to drop. We will need to wait for this to dry fully to restore power.

  2. Ryan Tippins

    We have an engineer returning to our cabinet this afternoon (ETA 14:00) to reassess the damage and possibilities for restoration of service.

  3. Ryan Tippins

    Our engineer attended and restored service, however the fault has reappeared and it is now with the power provider who are allocating an engineer to inspect their equipment in the area. Further updates will be provided once available.

  4. Ryan Tippins

    The power provider’s engineer found no fault with their equipment in the local substation yesterday. They would however like to re-attend to inspect power at our cabinet. We are currently in the process of arranging access for them to do this.

    Further updates will be provided once available.

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