4 updates on “Service outage: Cato Street

  1. Ashton Howells Post author

    Service has now been restored and was caused by a loss of power to the area. If you’re still experiencing issues then please let us know.

  2. Adam James

    Good morning,

    We’re aware that some issues are still persisting in the area.
    We have requested engineer resource to attend as soon as possible and replace a potentially faulty device following the loss of power issue last night.

    Further updates to follow.

  3. Adam James

    Good morning,

    We now have engineer resource attending to replace said potentially faulty device.

    Current ETA to begin work is 14:00.
    Updates will follow upon arrival, or if plans change.

  4. Adam James

    Good afternoon,

    We are now seeing a restoration in service.
    If issues are still persisting, please call Glide support on 02476 998 998.

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