Service outage: Greenford Park 38

By | 18:24 03 October 2020

We have been alerted to an outage affecting the following locations:

Greenford Park 38

What do you need to know?
We are currently investigating this outage.  Further updates will be provided in due course.

6 updates on “Service outage: Greenford Park 38

  1. Ashton Howells

    The power company are aware of issues in the area and are currently investigating the issues, due to an influx of faults their current eta for a resolution is 4:45am. Issues appear to be caused by the current weather conditions affecting multiple parts of the country.

  2. Adam Thorn

    The power company continues to work to restore power, their new ETA for a resolution is 2pm today due to the fuseboard needing to be replaced.

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