Service Outage – Fareham Industrial Park

By | 14:09 02 October 2020

We have been alerted to a loss of connectivity for customers served from the following POP:

SDFRHM64 – Fareham Industrial Park 64

This is due to a power outage in the area confirmed by SSE. The current estimated time of restore is 16:00 today.

We will keep you updated.

5 updates on “Service Outage – Fareham Industrial Park

  1. Ashton Howells

    Power issues for the area are believed to now be restored. We are still unfortunately seeing our equipment offline.
    The power company has been contacted to investigate this further.

    We are scheduled for a joint engineer visit to attend first thing in the morning to investigate this further and restore power.

  2. Adam Thorn

    Power has been restored but we are still seeing our equipment offline. We are arranging for an engineer to attend to investigate further, they are due onsite this afternoon.

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