Loss of power Leyland Trading Estate

By | 11:15 12 May 2020

We have been alerted to an outage affecting the following locations:

Leyland Trading Estate

What do you need to know?
We are currently investigating this outage.  Further updates will be provided in due course.

4 updates on “Loss of power Leyland Trading Estate

  1. Adam James Post author

    Good afternoon,

    We are still seeing a loss of power to the area.
    The power provider has given an ETA of 5pm.

    Updates will be post on here every hour.

  2. Adam James Post author

    We are aware that there is still no power in the area.

    We will provide updates as soon as we have any.

  3. Adam James Post author

    We have seen a full restoration of power to our cabinet at roughly 15:30.
    We have monitored for an hour and are not seeing any more drops.

    Your service should now be restored – if not, please reboot your router in the first instance.
    If this does not restore service, please contact Glide Support on 02476998998

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