Daily Archives: 20 December 2019

Service Outage: Newbury

By | 13:47 20 December 2019

We have been alerted to an outage affecting the following locations: RG14 5QR – Newbury What do you need to know? We are currently investigating this outage.  Further updates will be provided in due course.

Planned Maintenance Notification – Birmingham/Walsall region

By | 10:54 20 December 2019

We’re working on some planned maintenance that will affect your internet connectivity in the Birmingham/Walsall region Planned Work Ref: MAINT10120098JAN Maintenance window start time (Local UK): 10th January 2020 06:00AM Maintenance window end time (Local UK): 10th January 2020 07:00AM Estimated downtime: 10 minutes cmald10-dsl1 cmald14-dsl1 cmashf12-dsl1 cmashf23-dsl1 cmashf28-dsl1 cmashf34-dsl1 cmastx13-dsl1 cmastx17-dsl1 cmastx18-dsl1 cmastx20-dsl1 cmastx22-dsl1… Read More »

Loss of power (site offline): lndag47 – Dagenham

By | 10:02 20 December 2019

Our monitoring has alerted us to a loss of mains power, which is currently affecting services at the following sites: lndag47 – Dagenham The utility supplier, UK Power Networks, have advised that the ETA for power restoration is between 11:30-12:30. We shall provide more updates as they become available.