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Planned Maintenance Notification – Coventry

By | 11:27 19 December 2019

We’re working on some planned maintenance that will affect your internet connectivity in the Coventry area Planned Work Ref: MAINT20122019DEC Maintenance window start time (Local UK): 20th December 2019 06:00 AM Maintenance window end time (Local UK): 20th December 2019 07:00 AM Devices affected: cmbin71-dsl1 cmbin74-dsl1 cmcgf4-dsl1 cmfol44-dsl1 cmfol65-dsl1 cmmer7-dsl1 cmnun101-dsl1 cmnun107-dsl1 cmnun74-dsl1 cmrugb21-dsl1 cmrugb75-dsl1… Read More »