Notification of planned works: CNMUN88

By | 10:26 04 November 2019

We’re working to complete essential maintenance on our network  in relation to the recent outage in Nuneaton due to damage suffered to one of our cabinets by a vehicle.

Service to customers fed from the following cabinets will be affected:

CMNUN74 – Attleborough Industrial Estate 74
CMNUN88 – Attleborough Industrial Estate 88
CMNUN101 -Attleborough Industrial Estate 101
CMNUN107 – Hemdale Business Park
EMATTHE27-Holly Lane Industrial Estate (Atherstone)

Planned Work Reference: GBPM-2019110501
Planned work start: 07/11/19 19:00
Planned work end: 07/11/19 21:00

How does this impact you?
During the maintenance window stated above you will experience a total loss of connectivity whilst we complete essential maintenance. We will do our best to minimise downtime for you.

What’s next?
Your service should come back online following the completion of the maintenance work – if not, please reboot your router in the first instance.

If this does not restore service, please contact Glide Business Support.


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