Service Outage – Nuneaton & Atherstone (Warwickshire)

By | 09:37 28 October 2019

We have been alerted to damage suffered to one of our cabinets by a vehicle in Nuneaton affecting service to customers fed from the following cabinets:

CMNUN74 – Attleborough Industrial Estate 74
CMNUN88 – Attleborough Industrial Estate 88
CMNUN101 -Attleborough Industrial Estate 101
CMNUN107 – Hemdale Business Park
EMATTHE27-Holly Lane Industrial Estate (Atherstone)

An engineer has been dispatched & his estimated arrival time at the cabinet is 10.45am (depending on traffic)

We will provide further updates as we have them.


7 updates on “Service Outage – Nuneaton & Atherstone (Warwickshire)

  1. Mark Hall

    Our engineers are on site. After assessing the damage to cabinet CMNUN88, we are currently in the process of decommissioning this cabinet to ensure safety to the public and surrounding area due to the level of the damage.

    We are working to do everything we can to restore services as soon as possible from. We are looking into the possibility of serving customers fed over fibre from alternative cabinets, unfortunately, all copper services fed from CMNUN88 will not be reinstated until the replacement cabinet is built.

    Our expectation, due to logistics and parts being required, for full service to be restored is the end of the week, however we will post further updates on progress as we have them made available.

  2. Mark Hall

    Our engineers are working on an interim fix to restore the majority of services. This solution will restore service for customers fed over fibre (FTTP) from all effected sites. We are also expecting to be able to restore services for the majority customer fed over copper (FTTC). Unfortunately, customers served over Copper (FTTC) from cabinet cmnun88 (corner of Townsend Drive) will not have service restored until we get the cabinet fully repaired, due to the extent of the damage.

  3. John Brankin

    All services have been restored with the exception of copper lines connecting through CMNUN88 – Attleborough Industrial Estate 88. Further works are required.

  4. Mark Hall

    We have a replacement cabinet for CMNUN88 and have our contractors scheduled to be
    on site to commence work tomorrow morning on re-instating the cabinet. A Glide engineer will also be in attendance to complete as much of the preparations in the new cabinet as possible.

    This will cause cause a brief outage to all customers between 11:00 and 12:00 tomorrow, who’s services are on;
    CMNUN74 – Attleborough Industrial Estate 74
    CMNUN88 – Attleborough Industrial Estate 88
    CMNUN101 -Attleborough Industrial Estate 101
    CMNUN107 – Hemdale Business Park
    EMATTHE27-Holly Lane Industrial Estate (Atherstone)

    We are still working with Western Power Distribution to get the mains power reconnected. Unfortunately at this time our expectations have been set by WPD that this will not take place until next week. We are expecting further planned works to take place following power being restored to fully restore service.

  5. Mark Hall

    Our contractors have been on site this morning with one of our engineers and and have completed the fitting of the new cabinet. We have continued with the preparation work to restore service to customers fed over copper from this cabinet (CMNUN88).

    We have been advised that Western Power Distribution are expected to have power restored to the cabinet today.

    We will post further updates as more news is made available to us.

  6. Mark Hall

    We have had mains power restored to cabinet CMNUN88. Our engineer is on site working to restore services to customers fed over copper.

  7. Mark Hall

    We have made the cabinet live and are seeing successful logins to the network from customer routers. If your service is not live, reboot your router in the first instance. If service is not restored at this time please call our support team on 02476 998 998.

    We will need to conduct further works to permanently restore service for all customers. However we will issue further notifications once the work hs been scheduled.

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