Service outage: BT Toll bar

By | 18:49 10 September 2019

We have been alerted to an outage affecting the following locations:

BT Toll Bar

What do you need to know?
We are currently investigating this outage.  Further updates will be provided in due course.

6 updates on “Service outage: BT Toll bar

  1. Mark Hall

    We have dispatched an engineer to site, who has been unable to identify an issue with our equipment. We have logged a fault with our 3rd party supplier following this information.

  2. Ben Marshall

    The Carrier is in the process of sending Engineers to the Exchange to investigate.

    Currently they do not have an ETA for the Engineers but this should be provided shortly.

    Next update will be once an ETA is received.

  3. Ben Marshall

    The Fibre Engineers ETA is 01:00 11/09.

    The Carrier is trying to organise a visit much sooner but 01:00 is the provisional time provided.

  4. Ben Marshall

    Services have been mostly restored.

    There is currently an issue with some of our equipment so we are in the process of organising an Engineer to attend the fault.

    Next update will be once an Engineer ETA has been received.

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