4 updates on “Loss of connectivity – Stratton Business Park

  1. Ryan Tippins

    An engineer has been appointed to attend and investigate an issue with the equipment in our street cabinet. Further updates will follow once available.

  2. Ryan Tippins

    Our engineer has attended and determined that the power cable to our cabinet has been damaged during works carried out by a third party. We are speaking with power supplier to report the damage and hope to have a resolution as soon as possible.

  3. Ryan Tippins

    The majority of the repair work was completed yesterday evening by the power supplier. A further joint visit is required by our engineers and the power company to fully restore service. This will be taking place this afternoon/early evening.

  4. Ryan Tippins

    The repair work has now been completed. All customers should now be back online. If this is not the case, please reboot your router in the first instance before contacting our support team (02476 998 998).

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