Daily Archives: 12 July 2019

Notification of planned works: Birmingham

By | 16:27 12 July 2019

We’re working to upgrade our network in Birmingham to provide additional capacity for future services, during the maintenance window below: Planned work start: 30/07/2019 18:30 Planned work end: 30/07/2019 20:30 Duration: 20 minutes How does this impact you? During this time, customers at the below sites may experience a loss of connectivity for up to… Read More »

Planned Work notification – Coventry

By | 11:01 12 July 2019

We will be carrying out maintenance on our network in Coventry. Planned Work Ref: VMPW2019072501 Planned work start: 25/07/2019 00:01 Planned work end: 25/07/2019 06:00 At risk duration: 5 mins Customers fed from the following cabinets will experience a loss of service for up to 5 minutes during the maintenance window above: Coventry – CV1… Read More »