Service outage:Portsmouth, Southampton & Eastleigh

By | 21:48 08 May 2019

We have been alerted to an outage affecting the following locations:


What do you need to know?
Our Carrier is aware of a fibre break between our exchange and core data center.

They are on site working to resolve this as soon as possible. Further updates will be provided in due course.

2 updates on “Service outage:Portsmouth, Southampton & Eastleigh

  1. Ben Marshall Post author

    Unfortunately they have not been able to resolve this yet.
    We have escalated this with our Carrier, currently they are still on site working to resolve the fibre break.
    There is no ETR yet but we hope for this outage to be resolved shortly.

  2. Mark Hall

    Service was restored at 04:33 this morning following 3rd party contractors repairing the broken fibre.

    If you are having issues with your service, please contact our support team on 02476 998 998.

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