Notification of planned works: Core network link and edge connectivity

By | 15:21 25 September 2018

We’re working to upgrade our network at Equinix Williams House to provide additional capacity for future services, during the maintenance window below:

Planned work start: 27/09/18 04:00
Planned work end: 27/09/18 06:00

How does this impact you?
A core 100Gbit/s network link will be migrated to new hardware.  Customer traffic traversing this link will automatically route via an alternative path in the core and this should not affect service.  We will also be migrating one of our transit provider connections to new hardware in the same window; internet traffic utilising this transit connection will utilise an alternative transit connection in London.  Customers may notice a brief interruption to traffic to some internet destinations as the network reconverges.

What’s next?
No extended loss of service is anticipated during this work as redundant routes exist through the core network and to our transit providers.  In the event of an issue, please contact Glide Business Support.

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