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By | 16:25 06 September 2018

One of our backhaul carriers is carrying out Emergency Maintenance to ensure Network reliability & Improve Resilience. This will result in a total loss of service for customers fed from the following cabinet: SSCMN178- – Space Business Centre Planned Work Ref: BTPW271234 Maintenance window start time (Local UK): 09/09/2018 07:00 Maintenance window end time (Local… Read More »

Notification of Planned Work -Coventry

By | 15:51 06 September 2018

We will be carrying out core network upgrades in the Coventry Area during the following maintenance window: Planned maintenance start: 10/09/2018 04:00 Planned maintenance end: 10/09/2018 07:00 How does this impact you? During the network maintenance customers fed form the following will be deemed ‘At Risk’, the maintenance window has been booked to cover all… Read More »