Daily Archives: 04 September 2018

Notification of Planned Work – Tanshire Business Park

By | 15:57 04 September 2018

Our carrier will be performing circuit diversion work at their exchange during the maintenance window below: Planned maintenance start: 13/09/2018 18:00 Planned maintenance end: 13/09/2018 22:00 Estimated duration of service-affecting work: 60 Minutes (1 hour) How does this impact you? Customers will experience a temporary loss of service – the expected outage is 60 minutes… Read More »

Notification of Planned Work – Portsmouth & Southampton

By | 12:37 04 September 2018

One of our third-party suppliers require maintenance work to be carried out during the following maintenance window: Planned maintenance start: 15/09/2018 07:00 Planned maintenance end: 15/09/2018 21:00 How does this impact you? During this time, customers fed from the following cabinets will experience a loss of connectivity during the maintenance window. SDPCNTC103, SDPCNTC136 SDGSPRT63 SDPNRTH19,… Read More »